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Extra Gift for Melany

Melany and her mom with their new washing machine

One of my very favorite things about sponsorship is being able to send extra monetary gifts, or EGs for short, to our sponsored families from time to time. Whereas the monthly donation that we make for each sponsored child goes into keeping the community centers and programs running, EGs go directly to the families - provided the EG is at least $100, a Children International field worker takes the family shopping and then sends a report, pictures and a thank you letter from the sponsored child.

A few months ago, we sent an EG for Melany's family. First, let me start by confessing that we have a big, big soft spot for Melany. We love all of our sponsored girls so much, but there's something about this one that just makes me want to hug her and buy her presents all the time. And she'll be graduating from the program later this year, so I'm running out of time to do that.

The second thing you should know about Melany is that her mom, Carlina, works out of their home as a seamstress. Carlina is so extremely dedicated to making sure that she gives Melany every possible opportunity to get ahead in life, and Melany wants more than anything to study hard and get a good job so that she can make things easier for her mom. They have a really special relationship, which has been really easy to see both from Melany's letters and from spending the day with them when Ward and I went to Cartagena in February.

With that in mind, Ward and I sent a special EG to Melany a few months that was actually earmarked for Melany's mom. We were hoping to be able to do something that would allow her to give her home business a boost. It turned out that the item she needs exceeded the amount that we sent (although of course now I've asked for more information about that...), but in the meanwhile, they ended up using the EG to buy a washing machine! It was really exciting to see such a great purchase. The report that came with the pictures says:

"What were the child's/family's comments when the gifts were delivered?

Melany said: "My family and I are very grateful to Jessica, she is a very special person, she is part of my life and that makes her a member of my family, I want God to always bless her.

How will the gifts benefit the child and/or the family?

This gift is of great help for Melany since they could receive a semiautomatic washing machine since they didn't have this item at home and had to hand wash all their clothing or rent a washing machine for hours, and in most cases they didn't have the money to pay for that, now they could wash their clothing more comfortably.

Additionally, Melany had the opportunity to buy food supplies that will give them a good nutrition for 2 weeks and they could also prepare their favorite meals. This will help the family's economy since they can save some money to cover other needs."

Melany's letter says:

"Dear Jessica Crockett,

First of all, I would like to know, how are you and your husband? I want to thank you for each and every one of the things you do for me and for my family. My mom feels much affection for you and she sends her regards. She is also grateful to you for everything. She wants to thank you very much for the washing machine, we really needed it! It will be a great relief for her. Also, thank you for the food supplies for our family. I want to tell you that I started on-the-job practice to graduate with a technical degree of management. I haven't finished the process because my goal is to graduate as a professional, but I am aware things should happen little by little.

A big hug and a big kiss from my mother and of course, from me.


I love that they were also able to get a couple of weeks' worth of groceries - the pictures of that part are below. I will miss sponsoring this girl so much when she graduates, but I am definitely taking advantage of every opportunity to spoil her between now and then!

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