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Letter from Amalia... in English!

Amalia's most recent Children International picture, taken in May 2018

Amalia is 18 years old. She is a high school senior from Guadalajara, Mexico. Back in the fall, Ward and I asked her whether she was interested in taking extra English classes, and she eagerly accepted. She has been taking the classes for five months now, and last week we got a thank you letter from her... which she wrote in English! She writes:

Dear Jessica Crocket,

Hi How are you? I'm Fine.

thank you for being with me.

what's your favorite sport? I like to play basketball and futbool soccer. My favorite hobbies are read a books all the time, listen to music, my favorite singer is Christine Delario. My favorite color is pinck and purple my favorite food is Kentucky fried chicken. What is yours? I miss her so much, is a wonderful person I hope to see her again, I love her so much.

I think she did a pretty great job! I've been slowly working on my Spanish for a LOT longer than 5 months, and I think she did better than I would writing the same letter in Spanish. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again in September!

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