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Letter from "Natalia"

Note: The letter below is a translation of the original Spanish, done by a non-native English speaker who is a volunteer at Children International. It is transcribed below as I received it, not cleaned up.

Below is the letter I received today from "Natalia", one of our pregnant teens in Guadalajara. She's due in July, and that's pretty much the extent of what I knew about her pregnancy before today. To say that that this letter made my day would definitely be an understatement.

"Dear Jessica,

I'm doing fine. What about you? I hope you are fine, I am very happy to write to you and now, it's been hot. I'm doing well in high school and I'm almost finished this semester at the end of June. It's so nice that you watch your family and spent time together, please say hi to your dad, your niece and your husband Ward. We will be waiting for you in September. In Guadalajara it's so nice, because there are a lot of fireworks to celebrate the month of our country. It will also be my birthday, I would feel very happy to see you again and you can meet my princess and I would be very happy. I also want to thank you for all the support you have sent me and my family.

I also think of you, I look at the photo album you gave me, do you remember? I send you many hugs to you and to Mr. Ward. I'll become a mom, but I feel very happy, it's something new for me. Many changes I have had and I will have to do, but when I have my baby it will be worth it. She is a princess, she is a girl and with her dad I get along so well. He never leaves me alone; in fact he supports me all the time. We are organizing the baby shower that we will have on June 3rd. I had an ultrasound and they told me my baby was a princess. I've been doing very well in my pregnancy and the baby is well. I am already 27 weeks pregnant and we want to see her soon. I hope I can send you photos so you can see her when she is born. And don't worry, if you ask me many things, I'll be glad to answer them.

I love reading your letters and writing; paper is not enough to write everything I want to tell you. I try to write the much more I can. Thank you for thinking on me, you are very special for me, I have never had a sponsor like you, you are so kind and nice with me, and you help me. May God bless you and bless Mr. Ward. How is he doing? How is the weather over there? Are you still dancing? How are your kittens? Do you remember my little black kitten I had at home? She had 4 kittens, 2 brown and 2 black with spots. They have just opened their eyes, they are so beautiful, but they cried much, because the cat goes out and they want to keep eating from her. I love a lot to be able to write and read your letters. Thank you for everything. I send you many hugs."

This is, without a doubt, one of the best letters I have received in the time that we have been CI sponsors. It's also the first time I've received a letter where one of our girls has covered the page front and back - usually they're limited to just a designated space on the front side of the stationary, but it looks like she was given special permission to write us a longer letter this time (they had to attach a second sheet of paper to fit the translation!). I'm in the process of setting up a visit to Mexico hopefully in early September, and already I'm itching to get my arms around her for a giant hug. <3

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