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Meet Carolina

Carolina is 13 years old and lives in Quito, Ecuador. She lives with both of her parents and is the youngest of three daughters. Her sisters are 19 and 22. The family’s home is made of concrete block and has a corrugated metal roof and a concrete floor. The home consists of a kitchen, a living room and two bedrooms. Carolina sleeps on a wooden bed. The family has running water, electricity and a gas stove.

Carolina enjoys listening to music, drawing and dancing. She helps out at home by running errands. She has a dog named Pinky, who she likes to play with in the park. She takes school very seriously, and her favorite subject are science and math. She has also recently started extra math and English tutoring through the Children International community center. When we started sponsoring her a year ago, she told me in one of her letters that she would like to become a vet one day. More recently, however, she has indicated that she would like to be a lawyer. She also enjoys playing soccer – we recently learned that she is the goalie for her team, and really enjoys the focus that being goalie requires.

Carolina is one of the three girls I will be visiting in July, and I’m very excited to meet her. She and I have also recently had the opportunity to begin taking advantage of a very exciting opportunity offered by Children International. CI is currently running a pilot program in Quito allowing some sponsors and their sponsored children to exchange video messages. Ward and I just received our first video message from Carolina last week, and we are very excited to record our response to her in the next few days. We are very happy to have this extra way to connect with one of our sponsored girls, and our relationship with her already feels stronger after just one message! We look forward to many more years of getting to know Carolina and seeing what the future holds for her.

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