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Meet Karen

Karen is one of the newer members of our sponsorship family, added in May 2017. She turned 18 on Valentine’s Day and lives in Colombia. She had—and was dropped by—six sponsors before we started sponsoring her. When I first saw Karen’s picture, I couldn’t stop thinking that she looked so sad, and that I wanted so much to see her smile. Despite the fact that I had solemnly sworn (again) not to add any new kids to the family until someone graduated, I found myself unable to resist adding her… and I’m so, so glad I did.

Karen is a perfect fit for our family. In her first letter to me, she told me that she is a happy, smiley girl, which came as something of a surprise based on our first picture of her. As we got to know her, we learned that she was almost finished with high school and then planned to study cosmetology. When we spent the day with her and her mom, we learned that she would like to study to be a nail technician specifically. Thanks to a generous scholarship from CI, she will be starting cosmetology school any day, and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Karen also loves to dance, and has told me that she enters dance contests when she goes to parties. She even got Ward to dance with her a bit when we visited with her! We quickly learned during our visit that she’s a major goofball, and I think everyone’s smile muscles were sore by the end of the day! As an added bonus, the day after our visit, CI uploaded her new profile picture for the year. I’m happy to share that Karen has gone from looking like she’s carrying the weight of the world to looking like the cheerful, goofy, confident young woman we met a few weeks ago.

We have roughly one year left as Karen’s sponsors before she graduates from CI. It’s hard to say right now whether she’ll have the means to keep in touch when she leaves the program, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Right now we’re working on plans to visit her one more time shortly before her 19th birthday, and looking forward to continuing to form a stronger relationship with her!

Karen's most recent CI picture - she looks so much happier in this one!

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