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Meet Keilyn

Keilyn is one of the newer members of our family, having joined us at the end of January. She is 15 years old and lives in a suburb of Guatemala City. She lives with her father, who is a farmer, and one older sister. Keilyn's mother is not present; according to the family record, she abandoned the family.

The family's home consists of two multi-purposes rooms. The walls are made from concrete block, and the roof is corrugated metal They cook over an open fire, and their sanitary facility is a latrine. The family is fortunate to have running water and electricity.

We haven't had a chance to learn very much about Keilyn yet, but her information from Children International tells us that she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, singing and dancing. Her chores at home include washing dishes and doing laundry. She is not currently in school - according to the information provided by Children International, she isn't interested in studying. What is more troubling, though, is that she left school after the second grade.

I will be visiting her in Guatemala in less than a week and look forward to the opportunity to get to know her better. Hopefully, with time, we will be able to help her see the value in returning to school or pursuing vocational training of some kind. Either way, though, we are looking forward to learning more about her, and what her plans are for her future.

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