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Meet Lesli

Lesli is 17 years old and lives in Antigua, Guatemala with her mother and her younger sister. Her father is not present. Lesli’s mother works as a maid, and the family lives on an income of just $52 a month. Her family shares a home with Lesli's aunt. According to the information provided by Children International, her home is made of corrugated metal has a dirt floor. She is fortunate to have a wooden bed, running water and a toilet. The family’s cooking facility is listed as being an open fire.

When we started sponsoring Lesli, she had not been attending school for several years because the family lacks money. One of the first things we did when she joined our family last October was to inquire as to whether she would like to return to school. We were happy to learn that she was very interested in resuming her studies, and we are glad to be able to cover the costs of her schooling. Her favorite subjects are math, art, technical drawing and grammar.

Lesli would like to be a beautician. She helps out at home by doing chores and taking care of her cousin. She enjoys listening to music, dancing and riding her bike, and her talents include painting. Her favorite types of music are bachata and reggaetón. In one of her letters, she closed by saying that I am her best friend. I feel very fortunate count her among my friends as well, and to have the chance to meet her in person in just two weeks.

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