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Meet Melany

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

Melany is currently 18 years old and lives in Colombia. She is the youngest daughter of a single mother and has two sisters. We have sponsored her since April 2016. There are a lot of ways I choose which children to sponsor – with Melany, it was a gut feeling, and a little bit of love at first sight. Once I saw her picture, it took no time at all to make the decision to click the “Sponsor her now” button, and I’ve never regretted that decision for a second.

Melany is easily one of the most driven people I know (and not just among our sponsored kids). She has always impressed me with how much she wants to succeed in life, not so that she can live an extravagant lifestyle full of luxuries, but because she wants to help her mother. They are very close, and one of the things Melany wants most in the world is to make life easier for her mom. She is currently in college for business administration, in addition to taking intensive English classes. She hopes to have her own business one day, and I truly believe she has a good shot at making that happen.

Melany is also especially dear to my heart because she is an avid reader. One of the highlights of our visit with her a few weeks ago was getting to see her face light up when we asked if she wanted to go to a bookstore, and when Ward told her she could choose up to five books, she looked like he might be Ed McMahon holding that giant check. She is also a talented artist, and draws beautiful pictures on the backs of the letters she writes through Children International.

Melany will turn 19 in July of this year and will graduate from CI’s program some time in the following months. I will miss being her sponsor terribly when that time comes, but I am confident that we will stay in touch after her graduation. I absolutely couldn’t be prouder of this one, and it’s truly an honor to be her sponsor.

This was the first picture of Melany I saw - there was no doubt in my mind that she belonged in our family.

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