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Update on Fátima

We got a pretty thorough update from Children International on one of our pregnant teens today, "Fátima" (not her real name). While some parts of it weren't exactly what I'd hoped to hear, other parts were really encouraging.


Fátima is a future young mother. She is 26 weeks pregnant and feels very well and motivated to do her best, in spite of the circumstances and her age.

Fátima lives with her partner, the baby's father, since some months ago. Her partner is 19 years old but he has not completed high school or work. For this reason, the grandparents are economically helping Fátima with the baby's expenses. [Both of Fátima's parents are deceased.] She and the baby are in good health and she is going to have a baby boy in July [...].

Fátima expressed that, when she knew about her pregnancy, she felt terrified. But, with the support of her grandparents and her partner, she has moved ahead and accepted positively this stage of her life.


The youth keeps focused on completing grade 11. With this in mind, Fátima continues going to class on Saturdays, and she will have a leave period granted by the school (45 days approximately), after her baby's birth. During this break, some of her close classmates will keep her updated on the classes.

After that, she would resume her studies in September, in order to accomplish the study plan of 11th grade and graduate in December 2018. Fátima shows a strong desire of graduating this year from high school, especially because she is now conscious that she needs to be an example for her son and work to give him a good quality of life.


She was also informed about the scholarships offered by the program, since she is interested in her continued education, by studying to be a dentist or preschool teacher. She hopes to apply to the scholarships in November.


Currently, the most urgent needs of Fátima are listed below, in case her sponsor considers to support her:

* School supplies

* Baby clothes and items

Total: $209"

I'm so, so happy to hear that she seems really committed to finishing high school and pursuing her education and a career beyond that. Just days before I received the news of her pregnancy, I had gotten a letter from her in which she told me that it was her dream to go to college and become a professional. Ward and I are really proud of her for staying dedicated to achieving her dreams, and look forward to doing our part to help make sure she gets where she wants to be.

Are you interested in contributing to Fátima's school and baby-related expenses? Ask how you can help!

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